Rare ideologies

A person might be considered a mutant if one's ideology is unlike that of the vast majority of people. All of the established ideology classification systems (such as the left-wing/right-wing scale and the nolan chart) are based upon false, arbitrary parameters, and exclude the rare ideologies, which are the most rightful ideologies.

I have discovered the ideological classification system that is based upon the true parameters, and includes all ideologies.

The classification system is fully described here,
with the chart here.

The rare ideologies are the 'substantialist' ideologies.
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between August 5th and the 15th,
S.p.A.Z, katabatik, HavocSound, 5lowershop, 555 Collective & ElectroFolk,
Chocoholic Satiators, Vegan Victual Comity, SwitchCraft mobile wank unit, Lost Film Festival, Cell Division, Olytopia, The Seattle Sinner, PAN-ZEN Konspiracy Nettwyrk, BaSsBoT SoUnD SyStEM, International Maggott Theatre, Cirkus Pandemonium, thee Hobo Gobbelins, 999 Eyes ov Endless Dream Carnival Museum and Sideshow, Societas Insomnia, Plague Water Brewing Collective, Orcus, Summon Creature Theatre,
CapturedbyPorches Guerrilla Public House, ratstArmyoflove, cacophony, Neurosapiens, dandeion junk queens, The Yoga Pirates, Flugin~Freex, Circo Mutante, FeraLuna Cabaret and many others will converge in the forests ov the pacific northwest.
amf is a do-it-yourself event. there's no central organization. If you have questions about setting up or hooking up with a sound system, circus, band stage, performance area, kitchen, or anything else you can think of, make contact with any of the crews listed above, post to the message board and/or subscribe to the mailing list.
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July 27th to August 4th

calling all sound systems, crews, circuses, bands, performers, musicians, dj's and creators

Autonomous Mutant Festival is an annual free non-commercial gathering which takes place in the lovely forests of the Pacific Northwest. the festival is an open invitation to all sound systems, dj's, musicians, and performers .... the more the merrier!!! there's no central organization of happenings within the AMF ... sound systems that want to set up in a choice spot should arrive as early as possible. dj's and bands should check the AMF webpage to find contacts for sound systems that are open to collaborations. the location of Mutant Fest will be announced sometime in mid-July (it's usually in Oregon, but call 1.800.HUM.NUMB aka: 1.800.486.6862 in mid-July for the exact location and directions)
the festival begins in 13 days and lasts for 9 days from tuesday, july 27th to wednesday, aug 4th. people who can only attend for a few days usually come around the weekend. saturday, july 31st is a full moon. the festival will take place somewhere in the pacific northwest.
AMF 2004 participants:
555 Collective & ElectroFolk
Army of Love Sound/Tuff Love Resistance
Chocoholic Satiators
Vegan Victual Comity
SwitchCraft mobile wank unit
Renegade Virus
Amoeba Technology
Lost Film Festival
Apocalypse Records
Cell Division
Nequaquam Vacuum/P.A.N.
Blackkat NYC
Dead By Dawn Soundsystem
Filastine / systema Sonar Calibrado
MR. Clute and Double Vision
Broken Sleep
International Maggott Theatre

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IN which I rant

Recently, amongst a group of people I know, events have happened and issues surfaced that have brewing for quite some time now. As an observer and not a participant, I merely watched, but felt compelled to post this, to vent how how saw these goings on. Nevertheless, I was pretty polite in doing so.

I can't be arsed being polite anymore.

SO, basically, this group of otherwise highly intelligent, energetically connected people who claim to be above all the usual shit and shenanigans that humans have done in the past thousands of years, are acting like a BUNCH OF FUCKING RETARDED REPRESSED BITCHY SCHOOLKIDS IN A HIGH SCHOOL PLAYGROUND.

Forming cliques, bitching amongst themselves, power-jostling, and excluding those who dare to argue or respond to an intellectual debate with opinions others don't like, all in the guise of intellectualist debate.

It reminds me a bit of the splintering of the Church into different denominations. Did that get Christianity anywhere? Hell no. Basically the creation of dogma and then arguments over what exactly that dogma should be divided the church into all the factions we see today. This is like this group of people...a movement, a thing that could have grown to be something beautiful and strong has been shattered and splintered like glass by arguments over definitions, petty feuds, and the inability of people to get over themselves.


Ok, I know this is all pretty simplistic. I know there are heaps of factors I'm not aware of, as i'm not privy to all of the going ons as I don't fit their classification of 'evolved', 'OtherKind' or whatever other labels they've chosen to paste on themselves.

In fact, I'm rather happy about that. I'm glad not to categorised and sub-categorised. Anybody try to label and I'll...I'll....ehh I'll get back to that. :) I've spent too much of my life hiding behind labels both I placed on myself and allowed others to paste onto me. I know exactly who and what I am now. What I will become I don't know, but it seems it would be better to take that journey alone than to get involved in the apparent shit that has broken and divided the unity and journey of these other people who claim to be the shitz nitz of evolution.... ;)

note - incidently, I'm well aware that the last couple paragroups could be seen as (and may well be) petty resentment... but, eh. I try the best I can, but I don't claim to be perfect. :P
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the things that run through your head at whilst trying to get to sleep

Think of being born incredibly intelligent in X-Men terms.

The young people the X-Men recruit are all mutants, born with inherent amazing mutant powers - but before they can be X-Men, they have to learn how to wield and control their powers, otherwise they are a danger to themselves and others. So they were a part of the New Mutants until they 'qualified'.

So, being born incredibly intelligent is of no use until you learn to control and apply your awesome ability, otherwise you're a danger to yourself, and probably others around you through your wild unfocused and oftentimes thoughtless actions.

Yes I'm a comic book nerd. :P

Not that I'm incredibly intelligent or anything. Easily amused, definitely.
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Could the layout of this community please be changed?? I find the orange and red colouring hard to read from...plus it's just damn ugly. Sorry if that's your favourite colour scheme. :P

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What makes up a person? really?

Hopes, dreams, feelings...both rational and irrational. We are the sum of a logical progression, cause and effect. Yet, how we all react nevertheless is unpredictable, and oftentimes irrational.

One person has a nearly falls off a cliff, and finds God...another person goes, 'Cool! and becomes an addrenaline junkie.

Why is it that some people react one way, and others a different way? Why is it that so many are sucked into addictions...religion...giving in to the numbing effects our culture has on individuality (though our society is indvidualist, nevertheless there is a pull towards a standard, crappy, norm), and yet, others have the will power to stay true to themselves, sift through the knowledge thrown at them and come to their own conclusions, rather than subscribing to somebody else's explanation?

Maybe it's just a thing called willpower...maybe we have more of a stubborn streak...perhaps some people have watched and listened more, or is it logic that is the prevalent factor? I don't know enough about 'logic' to extrapolate on that... :(

Sorry if this is all rambly and confused...I'm just writing what comes into my head. I guess this got sparked off by watching my brother's baptism, at the church my twin brother and sister both go to, wondering why I don't feel the need to throw myself into god the same way they have. I don't mind visiting, oftentimes I find christian sermons to have very good messages in them...i just object to the pressure that I have to conform to every point of view they have.

So yeah.

Not being able to conform is lonely, sometimes. Better, but lonely. Grah. confused. We've chosen a funny path to tred...
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Your physiological nature brands you as felons. The unsanctioned usage of those mutant abilities is a capital crime: Punishable by death!
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