Fi (callist0s) wrote in mutantsupremacy,


Could the layout of this community please be changed?? I find the orange and red colouring hard to read it's just damn ugly. Sorry if that's your favourite colour scheme. :P
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Deleted comment

thank you :)
just add the community to your friend's list and you get it on your friends page, with your colours :)

also, there's an option somewhere that appends &style=mine to all the comment URLs, making them appear with your layout rather than the default. (probably at the bottom, under Browse Options)

I have all these settings as not only are the colours terrible for readability in many journals, but sometimes the writing is too damned small to read - especially with fae's thingawhatsits...

just measured the ms journalpage: the word 'conform' spans just under 1cm for reference, let alone bright orange on yellow *pukes* - but thats why opera has the author/user mode button at the bottom...

fae: 8pt courier is too small! 8pt verdana (and other larger fonts) is ok, but most should be on 10pt, as this seems to be universally viewable no matter the resolution... if its too big for ya, increase your res :P
i know that, but when going to the actual page to read older entries etc it hurts my eyes!
so just stick ?style=mine on the end of all the urls...
k, will try it when I get home. :)

I still think it should be changed entirely though, on the grounds that such colour clashing is evil! :P